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Wild South Head Office


My job is all about getting our Wild South clothing to the right place – I work in the warehouse in Christchurch, packing orders daily to be sent out to our retail stores, and packing our online mail orders to be sent directly to our customers. I also help out the customer service team, answering your stock related questions.

On the personal side, I am all about the great outdoors that New Zealand has to offer. Fishing, walking and water sports are some of my favourite weekend passions.



The one with the beard, Graeme has the experience in his field largely unheard of these days, having been trained through the apprenticeship system back when the trade was popular.

No stranger to working with fabrics that take a small mortgage to buy - which is handy when dealing with the fine viscose, blends and high end Merinos evident in our range. By no coincidence Graeme’s artistic abilities outside of work align with the creative edge of the industry.



You name it she has sewn it, turning our Designer’s dreams into “hard copy” and a deft hand at the multi embroidery machine, applying embellishment to a large variety of products. She likes fast cars, and sews just as quick.



The co-ordination and project management of deliveries both local and imported has obviously taken its toll - I can’t understand why I haven’t been asked to participate in our photo-shoots.

I have spent my career manufacturing clothing, and managing the process from a roll of fabric right through to seeing our customers enjoy the clothing we make gives me a great deal of pleasure. Otherwise my time is spent trying to convince fish they should jump on my hook. Success varies.



My name is Brittany, I am the Designer/Product Manager here at Wild South. It goes without saying that what we wear each day is such an integral part of our identity, it shows our values and what impact we want to have on the world around us. I hope to communicate this through my contribution to Wild South and its beautiful New Zealand heritage.

Outside of the office, I love to express myself in other creative ways, such as drawing and sewing.



As the Graphic Designer at Wild South, it's my job to make sure our brand is looking its best. I enjoy what I do and I love being part of a team that cares about the impact they have on our environment.



I have been working here for most of my adult life, starting in the old print shop back in High School and working my way through the warehouse and head office, into the Corporate Sales role at age 19.

Now in my eighth year in a head office role, I take care of a number of departments, including corporate (B2B) sales, wholesale, export channels, and digital marketing.

Outside of work I like to play sports, notably a member of the Canterbury Cricket dynasty known as the Elmwood Super Colds. I also like to take trips, locally and abroad.




I started making clothing because I enjoyed providing people with well-made clothing that let them live the lifestyle they wanted, without sacrificing style or breaking the bank.

Since we brought Wild South Clothing to the marketplace back in 1995, the brand and the clothing have evolved beyond my wildest dreams, thanks to our dedicated family of employees and you, our loving customers.

These days I spend my days in the office helping provide assistance and support to our team where needed, and spend my free time fishing, walking, gardening, playing tennis, and anything else that gets me outside in the fresh air.