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Viscose - a natural beginning

Viscose is a fabric that could be referred to as misunderstood. Commonly known as viscose rayon, viscose is actually a type of rayon - the generic term for a fibre made from regenerated cellulose.

Although it has been described as the first man-made fibre, rayon is not synthetic. In layman’s terms, the starting point for making viscose is wood pulp, a naturally occuring, cellulose based raw material.

That means that its properties are closer to natural fibres such as cotton or linen - most importantly, it is moisture absorbent and breathable, so you will stay cool and dry when the temperature rises. It also has a silk-like quality in its drape and feel. Viscose is often printed as it holds colour extremely well and doesn’t pill or build up static electricity.

Now you know why we will always choose viscose over polyester!