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Linen - The original luxury fabric

Linen is thought to be the world’s oldest fabric. Egyption mummies were wrapped in linen as a symbol of light and purity, and as a display of wealth. Even today, linen is an expensive fabric to produce - not only because of the difficulties in working with the thread, but because the flax plant it comes from requires great deal of attention.

So why do we use it? Because it is a premium fabric - cool and smooth to touch, lint free with high natural luster. It improves with age, getting softer the more it is washed. Anyone who has travelled in hot and humid climates will tell you it is the only fabric to wear in the heat. It is easy to take care of since it resists dirt and stains, doesn’t pill and if you hang it in the bathroom while you shower - you don’t even need to iron it!

Some of our garments are 100% linen, others are combined with cotton - either way, you get to experience the modern day equivalent of the world’s oldest luxury fabric.